About Lizandra

I am one of the most self-centered people I know.  It takes a self-centered person to create a webseries or write a memoir about one’s own life right?

Well, I am learning to own this about myself.  Since I was a little girl, I have been intensely fascinated with “being me” and all that comes with it.  I also identify as generous, open-hearted, caring, kind, and smart.  But all of that comes in a self-centered container of being.

I love, and have always loved, trying to understand how I am in the world.  Processing how my words or actions affect others and how others impact me, has been a life long past time, ok obsession. We can psycho-analyze the reasons behind this and name the why’s of this behavior. But why? Why not just admit it and live it.

As much as I love the self-inquiry into my life process and experience, I equally love to talk and write about it.  I mean really, what else in the world can I truly know other than myself? I can only ever see the world from inside my own head. All of my perceptions are filtered through my brain, through my sense, through my sense-making.  I am the center of my world.  It’s embarrassing to admit it out loud, but its true. And honestly, I think it is more true for most of us than we are willing to admit.

This webseries site “Falling Down. Waking Up.” is about me externally sharing my internal narrative and sense-making process of being in the world after falling down 16 stairs into a broken neck and a paralyzed body in October of 2015.

My story is miraculous.
I own that.
I live it everyday.

My vision is to stay grounded and humble while I share the lessons of living as a miracle. Because I truly believe we are all miracles, if only we will wake up to the truth.

My dream is that more people will start their journey into Waking Up, and not have to get paralyzed or suffer some great ‘tragedy’ to get there…or to get here.

Falling Down is something we all do.
Waking Up starts with learning to accept it wholeheartedly.

Waking Up is learning to be here, now, present for all that is.  Learning to love life in all of its paradoxical and ever-changing experience of dark light, good, bad, ease and challenge – this is Waking Up.  Understanding that how we describe is all narrative and not truth, existence has no story other than love.

In eternal love, Lizandra

More About Me & My Work at www.lizandravidal.com